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What do you get when you take figures from history, ancient figures from mythology, magic and prophecy and throw them all together? Most of the time, nothing. Michael Scott, however, did just that and got a six-book series entitled The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. He’s already five books into the series and I can guarantee that things are definitely getting tough for the heroes, twins Sophie and Josh. Scott has managed to pull together all the mystery of history and the folklore of various societies and come out with a series of books that will blow you away.

Book five in the series, The Warlock, hit the shelves in the UK last June, and let me tell you: it’s the best one yet! By this stage in the series, both the readers and the protagonists have pledged their allegiances and things are heating up. The twins are learning about magic, the gods are ready to wage war and the immortals… well, their part in the war was never meant to be as pawns or observers. There are so many ways this can all end, and Scott has kept us wanting answers for a long time.

Trust being a massive part of the series, it’s no wonder questions get raised about the Flamels; Nicholas and his wife, Perenelle (both of whom actually did live full lives in France 600 years ago, for those remembering Harry Potter and thinking Scott a thief of one of JK Rowling’s characters) are down to their last hours, and hardly a soul trusts them. Whether that matters anymore is a decision for the rest of the heroes as they hope to defend San Francisco from some of the greatest dangers the world could ever face – you really can’t afford to doubt the alchemyst and his wife when they’re trying to save your life!

Michael Scott

So what can you expect from this book? For a start, better explanations as to what’s actually going on! Scott has been leaving his readers asking so many questions, and it’s time for some answers. They’re not to be missed if you’ve been wondering about magic, about the twins, about the Flamels and about the greatest mysteries that have been popping up in the series – I don’t dare reveal the hidden secrets!

It’s a fantastic book, following a fantastic series, and with only one more book to go the tension is getting unbearable. If you want excitement and adventure, magic, myth and mayhem, and the most convincing combination of historical figures and gods from global folklore, look no further than The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. This latest instalment is a hard-hitting novel you don’t want to miss.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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