Do you have an interest in comics, TV, movies, books, video games, or any other aspect of popular culture likely to appeal to the inner geek in all of us? Are you able to write words proper nice an’ that? Then you may be just what we’re looking for here in The Phantom Zone.

We’re looking to recruit a team of writers who will also share some editorial control over the site, and the directions it takes in the future. We are looking to run reviews of the latest games, books, movies and comics, along with blogs, news, and features. So, we’d love to see a review of the latest horror film, but we’d equally love to see a detailed article on why Trapjaw is better than Mer-man.

The revamped site will be aimed at the 16-35 age group, and articles should be funny or otherwise entertaining, as well as informative. Review products, when received, will be shared equally among the site’s staff, and any profit arising from advertising, etc, will also be fairly divided, based on number of articles contributed. Writers retain all copyright of their work, but agree that first publication rights go to The Phantom Zone.

Writers will also be given the opportunity to promote their other projects, both via a full author bio pages, and a mini-bio at the bottom of every article. Interested? Drop us an email at with your details, and any writing samples you would like to submit. If you have ideas for articles, feel free to run those by us, too.